Welcome to the new GSSS Program Coordinator – The Journal

On February 8, 2021, an ISU alumnus began his first day as the Gender and Sexuality Student Services (GSSS) Program Coordinator. Dr. Duvendack attended ISU for both of her degrees. Her previous roles on campus while in college were as Resident Assistant, Associate Editor for The UIS Review and GSSS graduate assistant. Once she graduated, she became an assistant teacher, and now she will begin her new job with a deep understanding of the goals and needs of students on campus.

Duvendack understands the importance of the UIS during its developmental years, stating:

“The ISU community has helped me become the person I am today. The experiences and mentors I have had have been key factors in my growth and success. Working directly with the ISU community is something that excites me immensely, as it gives me the opportunity to have a similar impact on other Stars across the Prairies.

She plans to move forward with many short and long term goals for the department, but her main focus is to stay true to the mission of serving the ISU community. The mission of this department is: “Student Services in Gender and Sexuality presents educational, cultural and social opportunities for all students to challenge intolerance and promote affirmation with the aim of creating a more inclusive and assertive campus climate for sexual and gender minorities.”

With a new program coordinator in the office, students need to keep tabs on what’s coming out of GSSS. For those interested in getting more involved with this office, Duvendack says, “Students can participate in our virtual events and keep up to date with GSSS activities by following us on social media! All of our social media platforms are available at https://www.uis.edu/gendersexualitystudentservices/.”

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