Statement by Labor members of the State Health Benefits Program Plan Design Committee on management’s cancellation of PDC meeting

We, the union members of the State Health Benefits Program (PDC) Plan Design Committee, are absolutely flabbergasted that the State Pensions and Benefits Division unilaterally canceled the PDC meeting of today…and to do so with less than 24 hours notice to committee members.

The state actuary, AON, has proposed a drastic and draconian increase in National Health Benefits Program (SHBP) rates. This will have devastating effects on counties, municipalities, taxpayers and hundreds of thousands of New Jersey working families enrolled in SHBP. These rate increases were only presented to the PDC yesterday, when we were told they had been posted on the state’s website.

Labor remains ready, as always, to roll up its sleeves and find solutions to deal with this crisis precipitated by the Covid pandemic. It is disconcerting that management is sidestepping its responsibilities and unilaterally and illegally canceling our meeting today.

Signed by Labor members of the PDC

Mike Zanyor, PDC Co-Chair, State Troopers Superior Officers Association

Jim McAsey, Communications Workers of America

Kevin C. Lyons, Benevolent Association of New Jersey State Police Officers

Dave Krueger, NJ Firefighters Mutual Benevolent Association

Patrick Nowlan, American Association of College Teachers – American Federation of Teachers

Bob Little, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees

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