Santa Rosa Junior College SRJC for Free program an education saver for students

Santa Rosa Junior College’s “SRJC for Free” initiative, first established in 2018 with the aim of helping students continue their university education without tuition fees, has since become an essential resource for many who otherwise could not continue in the face of the ongoing pandemic. .

Since its inception, “SRJC for Free” has provided nearly $ 11 million in tuition fees for full-time students for the first time. At a time when many members of the local community have lost their jobs and are under increased financial pressure, this additional resource has proven to be essential for the continued success of many students.

SRJC student Chandler Holdbrook said, “With COVID, the school has definitely changed. They helped me pay for my books, which saved me from having to work overtime so I could pay for them. “

“SRJC for Free” is funded by a combination of the California College Promise Grant, the Assembly Bill 19 Promise Grant, and the SRJC Doyle Scholarship. Now, eligible students can receive two full years of tuition reimbursement, totaling an average savings of $ 2,200. Students can use this reimbursement to pursue associate studies, participate in a certificate program, or earn the necessary units to transfer to a four-year institution, tuition-free.

Acting Director of Student Financial Services Rachael Cutcher said that by completing a financial aid application, high school students in the class of 2021 are automatically considered for “SRJC for free” regardless of their income. “We hope that by removing these barriers, we can help more students achieve their dreams of higher education,” she said. “All students should have access to this opportunity, regardless of the cost. “

Eric Guzman Leyva, student at SRJC, said: “Financial aid gives me a safety net to build a strong future. “

First-time college students are eligible regardless of their financial need, and second-year students are eligible if they were also eligible in their first year. They do not need to have received funding for the first year.

Recipients must be residents of California, must be enrolled in 12 units, must not currently receive a California College Promise Grant, and must have completed a Free Federal Student Aid Application or a California Dream Act Application.

The SRJC Doyle Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to eligible students who have graduated from high school in the current academic year with a GPA of 2.0 or higher. This assistance, totaling up to $ 1,200 per student, is available to eligible students enrolling full-time at SRJC and is a key component of the “SRJC for free” program.

The Doyle Fellowships are funded by the Frank P. Doyle and Polly O’Meara Doyle Trust. Since 1950, more than 139,000 students have received Doyle scholarships, totaling more than $ 90 million. More information on the Doyle scholarship and other scholarships is available at

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