Payment by card vs cash payment

Imagine a standard store scene. You come in, shop, stand at the checkout and take out … a card or cash? Which payment method suits you best?
Once there were no bank cards and you paid for everything in cash in your own leather or material wallet. However, times have changed.

Banking has developed and currently many of us have bank accounts, one or even several. For this we have cards with which we can make all payments. Shops have been enriched with card readers and those that do not have them often lose their money. Customers often come to the cash register asking if there is a possibility to pay by card. If you don’t have cash with you, this is the only option. When she’s gone, we have to go to another store. Finally, we start shopping only in stores where we can pay by card.

Advantages of paying by card


Repeatedly conducted research on Poles’ financial habits clearly indicates that we are more and more willing to use the option of paying by card. And it is not without a reason. Simply, banking has developed so much that paying by card has become much simpler and more convenient. Instead of keeping a wallet full of banknotes in your pocket and heavy with coins, all you need is one plastic plate that can contain thousands. Money is not lost and thieves are not encouraged, and if someone steals a card from us, we can quickly contact the bank and simply block the account, preventing the thief from “cleaning” it.

Paying at the cash register is also much more pleasant because it does not require us to count the money – we simply give the card to the saleswoman, insert the PIN and the transaction is ready. Since the possibility of contactless payments has been introduced, we do not even have to insert a PIN. Banks are developing towards the client’s needs and try to simplify the transaction process as much as possible.

Threats during card payment and protection against them

Threats during card payment and protection against them

Unfortunately, every convenience also carries some risk, as those who have fallen victim to thieves have found out. It turned out that you can buy a stolen card very easily and quickly, especially when you just need to bring it closer to the reader. Looking at the PIN of the person who then steals the card makes it much easier to hack the account and take all the money accumulated there.

Fortunately, these are only isolated cases. With the development of facilities and the increase in risk, protection against possible threats also develops. Card readers and ATMs are designed in such a way that it is not easy to see the PIN. With a contactless card, you can set the amount up to which such payments can be made. Even if the thief pays with our card, it will only be the amount we specify. Entering a bank account is also not the easiest one. Even if you enter the wrong PIN or password several times, our account is blocked until it is clarified, personally with the bank employee.

Cash advocates

Cash advocates

Despite such extensive banking, there is still a group of people who prefer standard cash payments and keeping money in their wallet and home storage. This group usually consists of older people for whom setting up a bank account, using ATMs, remembering their PIN, using online banking, etc. are simply too difficult.

There are also people who have simply got used to paying in cash and do not want to change it. There are also those who consciously choose this type of payment, because having money in their hands and seeing how many there are, they can more easily control impulsive spending. And finally, there are also those who do not trust banking institutions and prefer to have their savings always in sight.

Regardless of the arguments that support it, they choose a standard form of payment known to everyone, and it is for them that this form still exists. Otherwise, card payments would replace all other types and then certainly every store that would like to operate on the market would have to invest in card readers.