Parks Program Coordinator Introduces Parents to Youth Baseball and Softball | Sports


MURRAY – Jake Willis, Murray-Calloway County Parks and Recreation Program Coordinator, briefed parents last week on some activities in the parks regarding youth sports midway through the season.

“In the Rookie League we have a few teams that have started the season strong,” said Willis. “The Marlins went out every night and proved their worth. I can only imagine how other coaches feel when they see they take on the Marlins. However, the Yankees are an equally powerful team. Like the Marlins, the Yankees are currently sitting on an unbeaten 5-0-0 record. Could the tournament be a remake of the 2003 MLB World Series?

“With a tight schedule, the Cubs and Red Sox have shown they are not backing down. With 2-3-0 records, both teams look promising as they enter the final weeks of the regular season. At the bottom of the ranking are Indians and Nationals.

Willis said fans should look to Indians and Nationals to make improvements in their final games, adding that the Nationals “have a chance to send a league-wide message with next week’s game against the Marlins. n ° 1 “.

Willis said the Minor League is currently offering a battle for first place between the Indians and the Astros.

“This is the first year of pitching for these players, but we’ve seen a few shutouts,” said Willis. “The teams will have to give a boost once the tournament has started. We can see a return for the ages of the Phillies or the Dodgers. “

“In the Major League, all teams are roughly equal,” said Willis. “The Morrow Blue Jays are currently first in the standings with a 2-1-0 record. The Royals aren’t far behind the Blue Jays, with a 0.500 winning percentage. The Royals have lost just two games for a total of three points, so expect them to get serious in their last three regular season games. The Pirates are third in the standings with a 2-2-1 record. With strong pitching performances from Bryce Barnes and Liam Sykes, the Pirates can be a force to be reckoned with once the tournament begins. “

Willis said the Farr’s Tigers (Auburn) turned out to be a fierce girl group.

“With a 4-1-1 record they are serious,” he said. “Look for them to extend their three-game winning streak next week when they face the Aggies. Speaking of which, Houk’s Aggies sit on a 1-2-2 record. The teams are so even, and it shows. Aggies is tied with the Tigers (Auburn and LSU). When the tournament kicks off I expect the Aggies to make a statement … no tie games during the tournament.

“In third place we have the Ryan Tigers (LSU) who are 1-3-1. With close games under their belt, this team understands what they need to win. Like the other two teams, they have the defense, the offense and the coaching staff to carry them through.

“In junior softball, the Sun Devils have taken a comfortable lead in the standings, going 3-0-0,” said Willis. “The three wins are the result of shutouts. With a strong start to the season, I expect the Sun Devils to continue their streak of success. In second place so far are the Tigers. The Tigers are currently 1-2-1. The Tigers have a chance to catch the Sun Devils with four games left in the regular season.

“In third place we have the Yellowjackets. With most of the regular season games to go, the Yellowjackets could be fighting for the fences. Look for them to surprise everyone once the season begins to end. “


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