Ninth Grade Students Attend Fourth Annual Trio Pre-College Program College & Career Fair

More than 400 ninth grade students from nine school districts in Keweenaw and Copper Country are better prepared for their future after attending an academic and trade fair at the University of Finlandia.

“Trio Pre-College Programs” hosted the event.

“I was looking forward to going to college in radiology, so that’s what I was looking for specifically,” said the ninth grade student at Hancock High School.

Alholinna and hundreds of other ninth grade students spoke with over 100 professionals from 50 different businesses, colleges and organizations about their future after graduation.

“In the ninth grade, students start thinking about what to do when they graduate from high school. Kailee Lapland.

Sponsored by the Portage Health Foundation, the fourth annual career fair gives ninth grade students the opportunity to explore and determine what interests them.

“I could easily go into the medical field and be a nurse’s aide for example, which I would probably appreciate too,” Alholinna said.

Meanwhile, David Olson says he’s exploring areas that focus on design.

“I don’t know in which specific category, but just the topic of design, maybe interior design,” said the ninth grader, also from Hancock High School.

Olson also looked at other careers outside of this field to see what might interest him after graduation.

“I hope to find something so that I can easily make a decision later,” he said.

Although the “Trio Pre-College Programs” College & Career Fair has ended, organizers are encouraging students to continue exploring.

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