Navy frigate program design and production reviews planned for spring 2022


An artistic representation of the FFG (X) missile frigate. The Fincantieri Marine group says it will need to hire an additional 400 workers in the shipyards over the next two years to meet its expected workload. AMERICAN NAVY

ARLINGTON, Virginia – The upcoming US Navy Constellation-class guided missile frigate (FFG) program is slated for spring 2022 for two program reviews that are milestones for the program en route to production, the manufacturer said. naval.

Mark Vandroff, CEO of Fincantieri Marinette Marine at Fincantieri Marine Group, the builder of the Constellation FFG, speaking on September 23 in a Defense One webinar, said the program’s critical design review is scheduled for February 2022, followed in March by preparing the program for production. review.

Vandroff, a retired Navy technical service officer, said his company plans to start preparing for production of the first hull, the FFG 62, in the spring of 2022 and launching the ship in 2025. Delivery of the future USS Constellation is scheduled for 2026.

A new frigate erection bay at the company’s shipyard in Marinette, Wis., Will be able to house two FFG hulls (complete except for the installation of their main masts.) Vandroff said the bay will offer comfortable working conditions for shipbuilders during Wisconsin winters. FFGs will be 90% complete before launch.

He also said that unlike the Freedom-class littoral combat vessels the company builds for the Navy, which are launched laterally from the construction tracks, the Constellation frigates will be launched with a Synchrolift.

Multi-mission fighters built by Fincantieri will also be launched by a synchrolift, Vandroff said.

Fincantieri also builds the last four Freedom-class littoral combat ships (LCS 25, 27, 29, 31).

Vandroff said his company has invested $ 250 million in capital and will need to hire another 400 shipyard workers over the next two years to keep up with the expected workload.


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