Muscatine Fire Department Receives AFG Program Grant and Plans to Purchase New Air Packs | muscat


The fire department last received new SCBA packs in 2001 and they are outdated compared to current technology and other mutual aid services. “They have newer SCBA systems and if we were to work with them they wouldn’t be compatible with each other which could be a bit dangerous for the first intervention,” Ronzheimer said.

In addition, the age of the packs makes their maintenance much more difficult, for example when parts that are no longer produced break. “Then you buy a whole new pack, and when that happens, you’re not compatible with the other packs. “

The firefighters didn’t get all the money they asked for, but enough to get what they needed.

“The Federal Emergency Management Agency roughly knows the costs, and they’re quite reluctant to make sure they can always get you what they need and help you out,” Ronzheimer said.

Muscatine will need to match 10% of the grant, which is roughly $ 26,090, but Ronzheimer expects them to get all the packs the department needs.

“It will help us save money, especially during the pandemic,” he said. “You never know how much financial loss there is for the city because of all of this, so this is a huge deal.”

“Our firefighters and first responders are ready to serve us when a disaster strikes,” Congressman Dave Loebsack said in a press release. “This funding will ensure that the Muscatine Fire Department has the necessary equipment to keep our firefighters safe, while responding quickly to emergencies and protecting families from harm. “


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