Mortgage – Price comparison, tips and basic info

Taking a mortgage loan is usually a very big decision. Maybe you have found a dream house you want to move into but that costs a lot to buy. Finding a home loan that gives you the opportunity to borrow as much as you want at a price you can handle is the challenge.

To find the right mortgage loan as efficiently as possible, it is good if you know what it means to take a mortgage. We hope we can help you with that through the information on our site. You can also find links here that can then assist you towards the desired mortgage and thus your desired home.

Mortgage – A loan with different parts

Mortgage - A loan with different parts

If you are going to buy a villa, condominium, townhouse or any other form of housing, it is most common to take a mortgage to afford. A mortgage loan is usually a loan that is divided into three different parts. These parts are varied which makes it important to keep an eye on them so that you know what to expect.

Here we explain very quickly what the different parts are. You can find a little more info on our pages about the different parts.

Mortgages / Mortgages

The largest part of your mortgage loan up to 85% is a so-called mortgage loan. Mortgages can also be called mortgage loans. For this part of the loan, the housing stands as collateral, therefore it is the cheapest part.
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Second Mortgage

Usually, you will have to take out a top loan of about 10-15% of the total loan amount. A top loan is a loan that has no collateral and therefore becomes a more expensive part of the mortgage.
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A cash deposit is common but nothing that always occurs when you take out a mortgage. With the cash deposit you show the bank that you are serious and have the ability to handle your payments. The cash contribution is often about 10%.
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More about mortgages


Mortgages are really cheap loans. There is basically no other loan that has such a low interest rate. It is usually a loan that you take for many years to come, perhaps up to 50 years. There are some rules and things that you should keep in mind when it comes to mortgages and most of them have our own articles with us.

You can read more about everything from resolving mortgages in advance to fixed and variable interest rates or tips when negotiating your mortgage. The more you read and learn about home loans, the easier it will be to find the right loan and save money.

Loan existing housing when you need extra money

Loan existing housing when you need extra money

A home loan is often a basic factor when buying a home because it is so expensive to buy a house or apartment. It is required that you borrow money to be able to finance the housing purchase.

However, you can also lend your existing home if there is a need for some extra money. This can be a good alternative to taking another type of loan, such as a private loan, as it usually gets cheaper. In order for it to be possible to further mortgage your home, there must be room for it.