Mitchel Charles ’18 appointed new ODUS program coordinator

After more than 11 months of vacancy in the post, Mitchel Charles ’18 has been appointed the new program coordinator in the Office of the Dean of Undergraduates (ODUS), according to a University announcement on Jan. 4.

Ian Deas, Charles’s predecessor and current Assistant Dean of Undergraduates and Director of Student Leadership and Engagement, noted that the multi-month vacancy was “due to the University’s COVID response.”

“Having had an incomplete squad for a while, it’s really good to not only have a full squad, but to have someone who brings a lot to the table to be part of our squad,” said Deas.

As the ODUS Program Coordinator, Charles will serve as a liaison between student leaders and University offices, providing advice and support to student-led organizations and ensuring that events hosted by student organizations comply with University policies.

He will also work with the Senate of Undergraduate Student Government and the Four Governments of Undergraduate Classes to provide a productive and rewarding extracurricular experience for all university students.

Charles said he looks forward to helping student organizations meet the unique challenges posed by the hybrid nature of the upcoming semester. He hopes to ensure that student organizations can organize their events to serve all college students, whether or not they are on campus next semester.

“I am very excited to advise students and student groups on how they can make the most of their experience at Princeton,” said Charles. “I think there are more opportunities this semester to be innovative about what events look like. There is a greater sense of campus connection for some students which I think can lead to new and good ideas.

Charles received his bachelor’s degree from the University in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) in 2018. He was also a member of the track and field team and a member of the Cannon Dial Elm Club while at the University. Prior to returning to college for this role, Charles worked in the development and fundraising teams of the National Audubon Society.

“I am very happy to be back,” said Charles. “It’s both familiar and certainly a whole new experience to be a staff member, to peek behind the curtain and to be involved in the back end.”

“We are delighted to welcome Mitchel back to campus to help advise and support the ever-changing needs of student organizations,” Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Students Thomas Dunne wrote in an email to Daily Princetonian. “We have an ongoing interest in providing intentional and targeted advice to the hundreds of student organizations registered with our office, and Mitchel will be a tremendous asset on that front.”

Dunne wrote that he believes there is a great deal of value in returning alumni to the University to leverage their perspectives as alumni in order to improve the experiences of current students.

“When I met Mitchel, I was really struck by how much he cherished his experience at Princeton and his interest in giving back to his alma mater through this work,” Dunne wrote. “Mitchel is joining the Tigers in the education service, and I think we’re all the better for it.”

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