Maryville College program eases transition from military to classroom

MARYVILLE, Tennessee (WATE) – There is a program on the campus of Maryville College that is helping our nation’s veterans readjust to classroom life.

“This program has been absolutely vital to my success,” said Army veteran Bryan Rozanski.

“The goal here is to be able to be prepared once we get out of here,” Navy veteran Albert Johnson said.

Maryville College’s Military Awareness and Recruitment Program is led by 15-year Navy veteran Dave Daniels.

“My job is to make connections with veterans,” he said.

Daniels, himself a 2020 graduate from Maryville College, is a product of the very program he now oversees. This insight gives him a greater appreciation for what he’s designed to do.

“No two veterans are alike. We’re like snowflakes, but we all come with luggage, ”Daniels told WATE. “My job here is to let you know your luggage; you can manage. “

A no-brainer for veterans currently enrolled in college and in the program.

“Really, with Dave being here, he’s really helped me reintegrate some of these skills that I learned in the military through academia,” Rozanski said.

“Historically, we have higher GPAs than non-traditional students in general,” Daniels said. “It’s because we drive in a different way. I talk to them about navigation (the Department of Veterans Affairs) which is a task in itself, the transition from military to civilian life, and I offer them the support they need to be successful as their students while they are here.

It is this approach, along with creating a family atmosphere, that Daniels uses to move veterans forward and something that Maryville College Senior Albert Johnson can appreciate.

“Having space with people you can connect with and say, ‘Hey, I’m having trouble with that,’ and nine out of ten times someone has experienced it here,” Johnson said. .

Rozanski, a junior at MC, agrees.

“Just being surrounded by veterans is, always for me at least, very uplifting. People who have been through what I have been through or have similar experiences that we can talk about.

It is this line of communication between veterans, leaders, and the college that ultimately keeps these students on track.

“It’s a process,” Daniels said, “I’m here to make it as smooth as possible.”

If you would like more information about the program, visit the Maryville College website.

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