Loan Installment calculation and interest rates


Today we are going to take care of the loan that can be requested from Poste Italiane , and especially through PostePay Evolution

Italian Post Office Loans 2019: introduction to the BancoPosta Loan


The loans that Poste Italiane makes available to its customers are of many types and it would be advisable that everyone before requesting a specific loan takes vision of all the options that can make their choice, both through Poste Italiane, both through other credit institutions and banks.

Poste Italiane offers the possibility to request a specific type of loan for the purchase of some products. There is the one dedicated to the purchase of a car, which for example allows you to request from a minimum of 3000 euros up to a maximum of 30,000 euros. There is the BancoPosta Consolidation loan which expects to reach up to the request of € 50000 and one dedicated to the purchase of a new home that allows you to get to ask Poste Italiane also a figure of € 60000.

The type of loan that we are going to occupy in a more punctual manner today, is that dedicated to expenses a bit smaller than those we have indicated so far, and that is what you can request even when in possession of the PostePay Evolution . Let’s now go to see in detail what we are talking about when we talk about a loan made through PostePay Evolution.

PostePay Evolution 2019 Loans: the personal loan with the Mastercard

PostePay Evolution 2019 Loans: the personal loan with the Mastercard


Today, the loan we are going to occupy together in a specific way is the time when you need to request a loan that is considered lower than the others and is required by using your own PostePay Evolution. The PostePay Evolution is a card that is part of the Mastercard circuit and that allows you to carry out many payment transactions and money transactions. One of the advantages of owning this type of card is that you can ask Poste Italiane the possibility of receiving a loan when you need it. In fact, the maximum amount of money that can be requested through this method is 3000 euros, while the minimum amount from which one can leave is 1000 euros.

Obviously the cases we are talking about at the moment are cases involving very small loans and is the reason why they are called by the Italian Post Office – as you can see on the site – “mini loans”. They are an opportunity to allow many people to request that amount of money that for many can be considered quite low but for others it may be very important to have at a certain point in their lives to carry out activities. If you wish to apply for a loan that can be terminated through PostePay Evolution you must register at any branch of Poste Italiane among those present on our territory, fill out the form in question and proceed with the payment operation of 10 euros, which they will then have to be paid for each year.

The amounts that can be requested are three different sizes . The first, as we said, is the lowest and is equivalent to 1000 euros. The second amount that can be requested instead is equal to 2000 euros, while the third amount is 3000 euros. The repayment term is 22 months and is a fixed term. The way in which Poste Italiane acquires the money by the debtor is through direct debit on their PostePay Evolution card or on the BancoPosta current account.

What do you need to apply for personal loans with PostePay Evolution?


Now we are going to see together what are the requirements that must be obtained in order to obtain it and the documentation that must be presented in order for the loan request to be successful for the applicant in question. There are few requirements on the basis of which one can consider to be suitable for this type of loan. There is a requirement related to age , that is, you must be aged between 18 and 76 years but have not yet been completed at the end of the reimbursement. Another requirement is that relating to the residence of the applicant , or it is necessary to be resident in Italy in order to receive the loan you want. A third important requirement to be met in order to obtain the mini loan we are talking about is that of being able to prove that you have an income from work or a demonstrable pension that are produced in Italy.

When all these requirements are met, you can move on to supplying your documentation to Poste Italiane. In fact, it is necessary to present a valid identity document, a health card and a documentation concerning your income . All this with regard to Italian citizens, as far as foreign citizens are concerned, there are two additions to be made in addition to the documents already requested.

Foreigners will have to present their residence permit or residence card, the passport regardless of the other identity documents already presented. Moreover, if you are a foreign citizen, when you are a salaried employee, you must present a document stating that you have been living in Italy for at least 12 months, when you are self-employed, you need to present a document stating that he has resided in Italy for at least 36 months and one that attests that at least 12 continuous months with the same employer.

Calculation of installments and interest rates of Poste Italiane 2019


Since, as we have seen above, three loan measures can be requested, we already know that we can meet three different figures for each installment. The installment in fact is for all three types of loan equal, or the installments are for all 22 . The account will be paid monthly with the withdrawal of a certain amount of money from the PostePay Evolution account or from the BancoPosta current account . The expiry of the installments can be set either for the 15th of each month or for the 30th of each month.

In the event that there is an early repayment of the loan there is no charge and there is also the possibility of withdrawing from the loan after the first 14 days of its payment. No penalty will be applied to this house. The date of the 14 days following the loan is also valid, as we said, for those who wish to withdraw from this loan, but in this case the fourteenth day following the disbursement of the mini loan in question, will be the last available day for the beneficiary to be able to withdraw.

Regarding the installments in which the loans can be divided , we can see that as regards the loan of 1000 euros, there will be 22 from 50 euros each, for a final total return equal to 1100 euros and therefore a cost equal to 100 euros. As for the 2000 euro loan, the installments – also as we know 22 – will amount to 100 euros, for a final total returned to Poste Italiane equal to 2200 euros, and therefore a total cost of 200 euros. As for the cost of the third type of loan, or the one of 3000 euros, we can see that the installments – also always 22 – can amount to 150 euros each, for a final total paid of 3300 euros, and a cost therefore final amount of 300 euros for the loan received. If you have the desire to extinguish it first or to contract the amount of the installments you will certainly be able to talk to a consultant and see what you propose, even if the site is not expressed the possibility to change the installments to your liking, but as it is said, to ask is lawful to answer is courtesy.

So to be able to have more clarifications and information about and ask all the questions you want, as well as going to consult the website of Poste Italiane in which there is the opportunity to find most of the information you need, it is possible to go directly to one of the nearest branches of Poste Italiane . If you do not know them online, there will be addresses and opening and closing times and a telephone number to ask for an appointment. Once arrived at the branch, it will be possible to ask everything that you need from a consultant who will certainly be able to respond to any doubt and curiosity about their economic situation and their need to request a small loan.

Banco Posta loans, therefore, called mini loans , are designed for those who have to deal with expenses that are not too large and therefore can be managed with figures such as those that Poste Italiane offers in this case to its customers.