Lethbridge College program offers high school students a chance to explore college course options

“Students will be actively involved in unique curriculum-based projects that will help them see possible careers in their future.”

The first exploratory programming sessions took place in mid-March when approximately 30 students from five rural schools took time on campus to learn about Lethbridge College’s agriculture programs. Participants took part in different activities, such as insect identification, commodity marketing and soil science.

Byrne Cook, President of the School of Agriculture, said: “Coming to campus, students appreciate the diversity of education and opportunities available at Lethbridge College.

“Exploratory Programming Days allow students to find out what’s really going on in each area of ​​study, which can help clarify their career planning.”

In addition to agriculture, upcoming offerings include healthcare, media, engineering technology, environmental science, architecture and design, natural resource application, reality virtual, carpentry and criminal justice.

This spring, more than 20 exploratory sessions will take place. The college noted that delivery began on Tuesday and will continue until the last full week of May. Additional exploratory programming days will be available in the future.

Students interested in participating can contact their school officials for more information.

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