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Edmund La Clair, Assistant Professor of History, continues to teach MCCC classes at home rather than running in-person or co-ed classes on campus. As La Clair’s time is spent conducting classes, Michael Fuertes, professor of chemistry, has been appointed as the new coordinator of the MCCC Honors Program (Courtesy photo).

Edmund La Clair, assistant professor of history, stepped down as coordinator of the MCCC’s honors program after the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving room for new leadership to take his place.

The honors program began its trial in the winter semester of 2017 with La Clair as the inaugural coordinator. This program was built on the pillars of scholarship, leadership and citizenship.

Grace Yackee, vice president of education, said this program was originally created to provide prepared and motivated students with the opportunity for in-depth study, leadership and service activities.

When La Clair first took over the program, he said his vision was to work on transfer agreements to ensure that when honors students leave the MCCC, they can be accepted into specialist programs in the MCCC. other establishments.

La Clair resigned from her post this year.

He said that had always been the plan, but the transfer of power was not supposed to happen until 2022. The change came a year earlier due to COVID-19.

La Clair said he strongly believes that one person shouldn’t be in the same position for too long and that people should always train others to take their place.

“It’s the idea of ​​bringing in new ideas and making sure you diversify your own experiences,” he said.

When COVID-19 hit, Yackee was looking to give faculty members, whose classes might not fill up, additional responsibilities on campus, La Clair said.

La Clair said Yackee asked her to vacate her coordinator position a year earlier so that one of those faculty members could fill her place.

A number of candidates were considered for the post, Yackee said. The candidates were chosen on the basis of their availability and preparation.

Finally, Michael Fuertes, professor of chemistry, was chosen to succeed La Clair.

Yackee said Fuertes is anticipating the commercialization of the program through admissions and financial aid offices and working with faculty members to open up the possibility of having more experiences with distinction.

She said that Fuertes and the Honors program will benefit from the foundation that La Clair has built over the years.

La Clair said he hoped Fuertes would achieve the vision he set for himself and wished Fuertes success.

Fuertes declined to comment on his plans and the future of the honor program.

La Clair said he hopes that once Fuertes completes his plans he will pass the position so that there is continued growth with the specialization program.

He said that even though he is no longer a coordinator, he will still be somewhat involved in the working group.

There are a few meetings a year, called by the coordinator, to discuss ideas and get approval of plans.

La Clair said he will be at these meetings to offer advice as a former coordinator.

This transfer of responsibility should not affect MCCC students.

“I don’t expect a change of faculty coordinator to affect students per se. Yackee said. “However, Dr Fuertes will not need to spend most of his time developing policies and procedures as well as piloting the program,” La Clair and Yackee said they were confident Fuertes would be successful with it. his new position as coordinator.

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