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The Program Coordinator for the Special Angels of The Woodlands will oversee all caregivers and all aspects of client care and program management for clients with special needs, taking care of their physical, emotional, health and safety. asserting their abilities and striving to promote dignity in all relationships. in a center for daytime adaptation activities. The program director will be under the supervision of the executive director or his representative.
Program management
• Respects and assesses the skills and development needs of clients to create daily business plans.
• Oversees the monthly management of the program and coordinates with state appointed representatives and / or parents / providers the formulation of client program objectives and status of progress.
• Plans programs to include community volunteers, event opportunities and community involvement for clients based on their ability to participate.
• Community liaison by attending appropriate functions to promote the organization.
• Create a monthly calendar of events and social events to enrich customer development.
• Oversees the management of the client’s daily medications.
• Plan and supervise field trips, including the bus / van driving program.
• Maintains ethical collaborative behavior with colleagues, clients, parents, providers, liaison officers and community partners.
Caregiver / teacher management:
• Hires, supervises and evaluates caregiver performance tasks to ensure that safe and caring services are provided to clients based on their group and individual goals.
• Supervises and trains caregivers to provide individualized care to those in need (personal care) and ensure that all client needs are met during the day.
• Instructs and oversees the delivery of daily activities and events by caregivers to clients based on the client’s level of needs, and adapting as needed, so that their skills can be applied in their daily routine.
• Lead staff meetings to communicate staff / client goals and performance, needs and feedback.
• Train staff to help clients achieve their individual goals, social integration, behavioral support which includes physical management.
• Teaches and coaches staff to work with clients in class, small groups and one-on-one
• Work with and train staff to work effectively with clients who may be aggressive, disruptive or insensitive to redirect.
• Oversees the accurate completion of client reports, staff logs and timesheets and that documentation is placed in client filing cabinets in a timely manner.
• Reviews all staff timesheets to ensure staff accurately report time worked, sign and report to the Executive Director or designate by deadline.
• Supervise and monitor staff and clients during social events, activities and field trips.
• Conduct monthly fire drills and ensure appropriate safety protocols for clients and staff.
Business Management
• Respects and follows company standards while maintaining professional ethics.
• Complies with all company policies and procedures, including program expenses, credit card usage and all administrative procedures.
• Maintains ongoing communication with supervisor regarding program and administrative issues / needs.
• Works with the QA / Billing Specialist to ensure all staff are up to date with all required training.
• Works with QA / Invoicing Specialist and Accountant on client tuition invoices and collection of tuition, activity and supplies.
• Procures supplies for the program within the program budget.
• Oversees the maintenance of program facilities and buses
• Maintains a clean and neat workspace; perform the necessary daily cleaning
• Ensures manager and staff frequently update Facebook and website with current events, monthly calendar of events and all activities.
• Support the organization’s fundraising efforts and recruit community supporters.
• Hours: 8:30 am to 3:30 pm, Monday to Friday, unless otherwise approved by the General Manager.

The Program Coordinator for the Special Angels of The Woodlands will oversee all caregivers and all aspects of client care and management of the program for adults with special needs.
Two (2) Year Diploma or High School Diploma / GED with three (3) years of experience working with adults with special needs and 2 years of caregiver supervision.

up to $ 40,000 DOE

Special Angels of the Woods

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