“Fuente part 2” is the risk that virtually all college programs assume


You can basically lump college programs into different levels: national title contenders + seriously serious ones, P5 conference title contenders and those would be respectable P5s, you get the idea. Focusing on contenders for national and conference titles, the Platonic ideal is someone who has experience as a head coach and has a proven track record at this level, that is, say they have already won P5 conference titles or national titles.

The problem is, there are very few of them on the market and they have huge prices associated with them. So you end up taking a coordinator from a proven winner, or a head coach from a winner down the line, which carries the risk that they won’t be able to replicate the success they’ve had. in their previous job. , for lack of experience. Even the big programs – Oklahoma, Georgia, Ohio State, Texas, Florida – have all done this at some point in the past two decades. Sometimes it worked, others not. Honestly, the only proven P5 head coaches I can think of recently who have been hired elsewhere at the same level are Jimbo Fisher and Jim Harbaugh. UCF Getting Gus Malzahn is a higher-to-lower level move that’s as odd as Buzz Williams at VT was back then.

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Posted: 12/10/2021 11:25 AM


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