Disney College program to resume in June at Walt Disney World

The hospitality industry has started to pick up across the country Disney has announced that the Disney College program will resume in June. The Disney College Program is a popular work-study program that welcomes students from all over the world to work at Walt Disney World.

. At the start of the pandemic last March, the Disney College program was temporarily halted and participants were sent home in the middle of their semester stay in Orlando. The program was hoping to restart last year, but the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has continued to push back a recall and restart date for previous and future participants.

The Disney College Program has inspired students to work for the theme park giant for four decades. In recent years, it has been estimated that up to 12,000 students per year are invited to participate in the program, which equates to about five percent of active Walt Disney World Cast Members.

Since the start of the pandemic, thousands of Cast Members of The Walt Disney Company have been on leave or completely laid off. The reopening of the Walt Disney World and Disneyland theme parks has allowed the company to recall many employees on leave to return to their regular jobs or learn a new role within the company. The same idea will apply to Disney College Program participants whose stay at Walt Disney World ended prematurely or was suspended in 2020. Students will be contacted and encouraged to reapply before the program reopens to new applicants. .

According to Disney, “The Disney College Program has always been a source of optimism and pride for our business with participants each bringing new ideas, talents and perspectives. While this will not change, we are evolving our Disney programs to reflect the new world around us.

Some changes to the Disney College program include an easier application process, which some participants say is a long and difficult road to go. Health and safety has been a priority at Walt Disney World Resort and that won’t change as attendees arrive later this year. Participants in the Disney College program will need to follow many safety rules at Disney parks, including wearing a mask in common areas and maintaining social distancing. The program will also allow fully immunized participants to live with other fully immunized participants in nearby Disney accommodations.

While the Disney College program is only coming back to Walt Disney World for now, Disney has said it looks forward to sharing the Disney International Programs, the Disney Culinary Program, and the Disneyland Resort programs later.

The return of the Disney College Program is another step forward for the Walt Disney World Resort as it continues to move towards normal operations and the hospitality industry seeks to rebuild itself after the devastating collapse of 2020.

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