CSM MLT Program Coordinator Tiffany Gill is a Lab Hero Finalist

College of Southern Maryland Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) Program Coordinator and Professor Tiffany Gill was recently named a Lab Hero Finalist by the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Certification Board for her significant contributions to medical laboratory professionals around the world. Nominated by her peers, Gill has been recognized for her “boundless energy” and commitment to preparing students for entry into medical laboratory careers both in the classroom and through her popular YouTube channel, “Lady Gill Medical Laboratory” which has nearly 24,000 subscribers worldwide.

Gill has been with CSM for 10 years and during that time has helped raise awareness of the importance of the MLT profession and build a strong pool of qualified professionals to enter the high demand career. She has also been instrumental in obtaining the maximum accreditation award for CSM from the National Accreditation Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS) in each accreditation cycle. The program’s standards and outcomes since its first accreditation in 2014 paved the way for the NAACLS to extend the college’s MLT program accreditation through April 2029.

In a recent interview with ASCP Online summary of “Critical values” news, Gill told contributing writer Darcy Lewis how her career goal is to increase the accuracy and safety of healthcare for all patients, and how her YouTube channel — and some pretty cool stuff — helps her make known.

“I started the YouTube channel in 2017,” Gill explained. “In the beginning, my motivation was mainly to streamline my teaching, improve transparency and accessibility. The standardization of content provided to students with a high level of flexibility freed up class time for the application of knowledge. videos allowed students to review at their leisure and help me reach students of all learning styles. Every student has “the best place in the house” for each procedure, no matter where they sat in the lab one day My other intention was to use the videos to promote our TLM program and the profession. If the channel helped other programs and students, that was a bonus.

When it comes to swag, Gill explains that she wants her students to wear “lab swag” and be “walking billboards for the lab profession.”

“Initially, I purchased lab items to distribute to students at the end of each semester who passed their assessments with a C or higher,” Gill told Lewis. “In the past, it was difficult to find relevant and accurate prices. So now I use Medical Lab Lady Gill’s swag as prizes and teaching tools. When I wear one of my swag shirts to class, it helps make things clear, like the look: “the correct order to draw is here on my shirt”.

She said the swag also stimulates conversation with the community about the profession.

“Most people only see doctors and nurses as part of their care when there’s a whole team of professionals doing diagnostic tests and other processes behind the scenes (there are also other professions than the lab),” she explained. “Community outreach to the health care team is a big passion for me. The laboratory is the science behind the patient’s diagnosis and what drives the patient’s treatment in most cases. Improving understanding of how the healthcare team works together improves the efficiency and safety of care.

Gill has been a member of the ASCP for 16 years and holds several positions within the association. She is an ASCP mentor to other medical laboratory professionals and program directors, a member of the social media committee, and is in her formative year of the certification board’s hematology review board. Gill began using his role as a YouTuber as a platform to celebrate the lab last year through collaborations with ASCP. In the fall 2021, she partnered with the committee of the Council of Laboratory Professionals of the ASCP to institute the largest hematology competition in history known as the the “cell bolus”. Seventy-one medical laboratory science and medical laboratory technician programs competed to be the inaugural Super Cell Bowl champions. This month of October will see the second part of the competition. A similar game show is currently in the works for Medical Laboratory Professionals Week April 24-30, 2022.

CSM’s two-year MLT program prepares students to perform diagnostic laboratory work that is an essential part of patient care. MLTs perform tests that include complete blood counts, urinalysis, cross-tabulation of blood for transfusion, identification of disease-causing organisms, and chemical analyzes of blood and other body fluids. CSM MLT graduates may apply to take the American Society for Clinical Pathology Certification Board Examination for national certification as a Medical Laboratory Technician and within the past three years College graduates of Southern Maryland have a 100% pass rate for ASCP certification and a 100% placement rate.

To learn more about CSM’s MLT program, visit https://www.csmd.edu/programs-courses/credit/school-of-science-and-health/medical-laboratory-technology.html.

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