Columbia County UW Extension Welcomes New 4H Program Coordinator

With the help of a new 4-H program coordinator, UW-Madison Columbia County Extension is looking forward to the continued success of its 4-H programs.

Located in Portage, the UW-Madison Columbia County Extension connects the county and the university. They provide county residents with agricultural programs, community development opportunities, and parenting resources in addition to his work in 4-H programs across the county.

As of January, 4-H groups in the county do not have an extension coordinator.

Pfile’s educational curriculum vitae includes a bachelor’s degree in political science, as well as a master’s degree in library science. Professionally, she has years of experience as a library manager, adult and adolescent services librarian, teacher’s aide and member of the Peace Corps, working in natural resource management in Mali, South Africa. ‘West.

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She now assumes the role of 4-H Program Coordinator for Extension.

With help from the UW-Madison Columbia County Extension, 4-H members across the county can learn leadership skills, explore ways to benefit their communities, and make new friendships.

In her new role, Pfile says her primary responsibilities include educational programming and administrative duties, which she has mastered throughout her career as a librarian.

“A lot of librarianship is educational programming, and so when I saw this position available, I felt like the two would go well together,” she said.

“There’s a huge administrative part to that that I think I can bring to this role as well.”

Columbia County has 10 4-H programs, with members ranging in age from kindergarten to one year after high school graduation. Pfile says she looks forward to connecting with group leaders, getting to know members, and helping them achieve their goals.

“My main goal over the next year is to really get to know the participants,” Pfile said. “They did wonderfully well at the fair this year, so I know the clubs are really active and great.”

While new to the role, she’s not necessarily new to the area: Pfile has lived in Endeavor for nearly 15 years, raising four children there.

For now, she’s still learning the ropes, preparing to visit every 4-H group in the county and meet with their leaders to see where she can best lend a hand.

“I’m using my first few months to fully understand my role,” Pfile said. “I am thrilled to connect with the Columbia County community in this way.”

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