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“People think nurses are looking after them, but they are actually medical assistants. Students are also trained in the laboratory. They can draw blood, they can do CLIA dispensation tests, strep tests and they are preparing to learn how to take COVID-19 tests… They are really valuable because they can work in any area of ​​the office.

Currently enrolled medical assisting students have gone through difficult times throughout their time in the program. During the pandemic, loss of loved ones and more, students had to keep working hard throughout the program in order to finish strong, Bradshaw said.

Cynthia Torres, second year medical assisting student, really enjoys being a part of the WPCC program. With encouragement from a dear family member, Torres found his passion working in healthcare.

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“I decided to join this program because I was looking for something in the health care field,” Torres said. “My grandmother passed away a few years ago and I told her I was going to go to medicine. I love helping people and I told her before she passed that I would help take care of her. We just had such a special bond so I thought I would join the medical field and see how it goes. “

Students have the opportunity to be flexible in their career choices while enrolling in the program. WPCC Medical Assistance Instructor Vicki Shuping encourages students to apply to the program and see what resources they have to offer.


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