CNA program coordinator joins Accolade healthcare team to help establish an in-house CNA school, to address nationwide staffing shortages

Terri is a registered nurse with experiences ranging from hospital, home care, long term care and education. Most recently, Terri taught the CNA course at Parkland College for 17 years, which included the recertification of CNAs whose status had become inactive. Additionally, Terri has had a senior pedicure business for 27 years and recently started her own home care agency.

Accolade Healthcare expanding our educational resources will be a huge win for the Illinois skilled nursing facilities. Staff shortages have reached an all-time high since the start of the pandemic and operators must find a solution to generate more candidates. The CNA program aims to provide more opportunities for Central Illinois rural residents who may need closer accommodation for travel. Each of the six skilled nursing facilities already has a practical assistant program, which allows students to work with non-clinical duties while taking their courses. Accolade Healthcare is still in its early stages, but hopes to launch in fall 2022.

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Accolade Healthcare has six qualified nursing communities in central Illinois. Our locations offer a range of services: skilled nursing, long-term care, respite care, outpatient therapy, palliative care services and more to members of our community.

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