$200 million in Florida Prepaid College Program refunds still unclaimed

According to program officials, more than 30,000 families have yet to claim more than $200 million in refunds from Florida’s Prepaid College Tuition program.

Prices for prepaid plans were slashed last year because tuition at state colleges and universities hadn’t increased in six years. This left some accounts paid early, with refund balances due.

On average, families who have not yet claimed their refund have $4,700 waiting for them.

“This is a time when we know there are families out there who could definitely use a check for $4,700. We don’t want to hold it back. We would love for you to have it and claim it,” said program spokeswoman Shannon Colavecchio at the Florida News Service.

In addition to receiving refunds, families can also transfer the balance to other children’s accounts or put the money into another savings plan to help pay for books, technology and student housing.

The program also waives the $50 application fee for anyone who submits an application for a new prepaid plan by October 31. Those who register early will be automatically registered when open registration begins on February 1.

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